In progress (October)

Feature films :


  • H4-93 by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

with Denis Podalydès

The new comedy by Ayache Vidal stages Antoine Foucault, a French teacher who teaches at Henri IV. Also a writer, he is looking for new sources of inspiration. Meanwhile the Rector asked him to teach for a year in a suburban college, he agreed. Thinking that his methods will apply to both students of 9-3 as to those of Henry IV, Anthony aspires to elevate towards success these teenagers reputed to be difficult. He soon found himself in front of the difficulties of dealing with a foreign environment.


  • Mariage (Blanc) Pour Tous by Tarek Boudali

with Tarek Boudali, Philippe Lacheau, Charlotte Gabris

Yassine, played by Tarek Boudali himself, is a young Moroccan who wins a visa to take studying architecture classes in Paris. Luck did not smile the young student, who fails the exams and loses his papers. To get by, he decides to stage a white wedding with his best friend, played by Philippe Lacheau.


  • Burn Out by Yann Gozlan

with François Civil

Tony is a young motorcycle rider. Ambitious, he is spotted by a prestigious team, Team Patterson. Guests on their circuit, he is caught in a competition that opposes him to two other riders. Also father of a little boy, Tony must help the mother of his son who is in financial difficulties. In order to help her, Tony agrees to use his racing skills at the service of a thug. The young man is willing to endanger his racing career to help his family. 


  • Alibi.Com by Philippe Lacheau

with Philippe Lacheau, Julien Arruti, Tarek Boudali

Greg, a young entrepreneur, sets up a company,, which provides alibis of all kinds to clients. Things get complicated when Greg meets a pretty blonde to whom he hides his activities and her father turns out to be a client of his company. 


  • L’Amour Qu’il Nous Faut by Nathalie Marchak

Nathalie Marshak, who is known as an actress, directs her first feature film. Alexandra Lamy was chosen to play the character of Lucy, who during a business trip to Tangier, finds herself having to take care of a child who is not hers. Beauty. The baby was given to her by Beauty a nigerian illegal. 

  • Le Chemin by Jeanne Labrune


  • L'Hérétique by Didier Nion 

In 1952, Alain Bombart attempted the crazy bet to survive for seventy-five days on an inflatable boat, without water or food. Didier Nion based L’Hérétique on this story. Real initiatory journey, this fiction portrays the experience of survival. 

Series :


  •  Herocorp by Simon Astier

with Simon Astier, Alban Lenoir, Sébastien Lalanne

Soon broadcasted on France 4, the comedy series created by Simon Astier returns for a fifth season. Hero Corp is a superhero company that has emerged after a war in 1980. One of the sites, based in Lozere gathers retired super heroes, not trained, unmasked, who can find a quiet and peaceful life by being isolated. Until, twenty years later, re-appears The Lord, the most feared super villains

Other :

  • Salauds de Pauvres

La Fuite by Phil Marboeuf

115 Bonsoir by Giedré 

Les Petits frères des riches by Albert Mesley 

Casino du matin, chagrin by Patrice Leconte 

Regrets by Sophie Forte 

Le Greffé by Brigitte Busquet 

À l'ombre des vacances by Nadia Kozlowski-Bourgade 

Alice by Jean Claude Deret

Le Cadeau by Charles Dubois

Parlons-en by Christophe Alévêque 

Mierda Pobrei by Carolina