Arte Kino Festival

This year the TV channel Arte is launching the Arte Kino Festival. This european festival will be organized online and will take place from September 30, 2016 to October 9, 2016. Arte will offer 50 000 free tickets to see the 10 european films selected. Of these ten films Film Factory is pleased to announce that four of its post-productions were selected :

  • La Mort de Louis XIV by Albert Serra

Played by French cinema legend Jean-Pierre Léaud, the king Louis XIV is declining. After returning from a walk the sovereign feels a sharp pain in his leg. Follows a long agony behind closed doors in his room.

  • John From by João Nicolau

Rita, a 15 year old girl spends her summer vacation in Lisbon. With her friend Sara, they spend their afternoons basking in the sun on the balcony. The young Rita meets Felipe, a mature man who practices the profession of photographer. Her desire for him grows, as she starts having a passion for the pictures of the Island Melanesia that he takes.

  • Fatima by Philippe Faucon

Fatima is the mother of two girls for whom she is ready to give everything. She is a maid and works very hard so that her daughters have everything they need. For Souad, the youngest, it isn’t enough. The fact that her mother doesn’t speak French is considered an obstacle in many ways. The language barrier is a source of frustration, until Fatima on sick leave, takes the time to write in Arabic all that she couldn’t tell her daughters in French.

  • I Tempi felici verranno presto by Alessandro Comodin

Somewhere between Italy and France, two young men, Tommaso and Arthur manage to escape to live in the forest. A few years later, the forest is infested with wolves. A legend talks about a wolf and a woman. Ariane, a young woman goes into the forest and discovers a strange hole. Is she the woman of the legend ?

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