IndieWire : « Celluloid Makes A Comeback… »

FILM FACTORY et Kodak s'associent à la prestigieuse école de cinéma américaine NYU afin de permettre la sauvegarde du cinéma argentique en offrant à 6 étudiants le matériel (pellicule) et les services (post-production) nécessaires à la réalisation de leur film. 

I think if you give students the opportunity to shoot in film, they’ll stay in film and want to support film,” said Alex Akoka, the Lab Director at Film Factory.

The majority of students that are in school now have never held a film camera, and so it seems cumbersome and delicate when in fact it’s a super-robust medium, so we’re hoping this experience helps demystify film for these young filmmakers,” said Hubbell.

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