Loin de chez nous

Loin de chez nous by Fred Scotlande

Every Monday at 8:55 p.m. on France 4

With Kevin Azaïs, Jean-François Stévenin, Samir Guesmi, David Chour, Bastien Ughetto...


Loin de Chez Nous is a new series, a mix of drama and comedy, that premiered on Monday, September 19 France 4. Fred Scoltande, who plays himself in his new creation, reunites Gregory Montel, Gwendolyn Gourvenec and Fabrice Scott to play a small group of soldiers in Afghanistan: the black Cats. While in December 2012 France is preparing to withdraws its troops, The Black Cats are desperate to stay to finish something. The unexpected arrival of a journalist to cover the return of the troops will still threaten their plan.
At the beginning of the season the audience will follow the point of view of the journalist. The arrival of Julie permits to discover the Black Cats, a groups of soldiers among the French troops based in Afghanistan. More than a military series, Loin de Chez Nous follows the journey of men advancing into the fraternity.
If the tone is explicitly humorous, the series remains probable. The characters, easily definable, allow the viewer to directly enter in the fiction. Fred Scotlande didn’t want to take position on the French occupation in Afghanistan, but offers an accurate look on the events.
Loin de Chez Nous is a perfect mix between seriousness and humor, the series depicted accurately a real human fresco through the story of a small group of soldiers.