The Death of Louis XIV calibrated at Film Factory

To work on The Death of Louis XIV, Chief operator Jonathan Ricquebourg chose to work calibration with Elie Akoka from Film Factory.

Played by French cinema legend Jean-Pierre Léaud, the king Louis XIV is declining. After returning from a walk the sovereign feels a sharp pain in his leg. Follows a long agony behind closed doors in his room.

We remember figures of Don Quixot in Honor de Cavalleria, as well as Casanova and Dracula in Historia de la meva mort. Surely, Albert Serra loves to appropriate great myths and put it on screen.

The slow agony of the sovereign is an opportunity for the film-maker to make a film out of time, both stunning and poetic.

The image, meticulously worked by Chief Operator Jonathan Ricquebourg, gives to the spectator the impression to be infront of a painting.

« With Elie we chose to follow Albert Serra's will which was to aim at an fleshy image. The addition of grain and effects that remind the pellicle offer an organic aspect. Because of the settings, the make-up and the period costumes, a too much high definition could have prevented the spectator to adhere to the documentary and realist dimension of the fiction. Colors have been dulled to ensure that the film is bathed in crimson, ochre and golden shades. »

Coupled with a fading temporality, work of the image makes The Death of Louis XIV a cinematographic work out of ordinary. The film even won 2016 Jean Vigo prize for the quality of the product. It also received the Grand Prix at the 8th Ostrava Kamera Oko.