Venice Film Festival

Opened this year by La La Land Damien Chazelle, the 73rd edition of the Venice Film Festival will be held from August 31 to September 10 2016. 

Film Factory is pleased to reveal the 7 of its post-productions were selected to the 2016 edition of the Venice International Film Festival :

Venezia 73 :

  • On the Milky Road  by Emir Kusturica 

During wartime, a dairy farmer, played by Emir Kusturica himself, braves every day the military front on a donkey to supply goods to soldiers. Carrying out its mission and being loved by a beautiful villager, the dairy is promised to a bright future. That's not counting on the appearance of a mysterious Italian girl that will change completely his life.

  • Une vie by Stéphane Brizé 

Based on the first novel of Maupassant, Une Vie depicts the fate of Jeanne, which at seventeen years old leaves the convent to begin a new life. She marries Julien, who quickly proves to be a selfish man, swinging between greed and infidelity. This union marks the beginning of a series of torments that will have to face the young aristocrat.

  • La Région Salvaje d'Amat Escalante 

A meteor falls on a mountain in Mexico. By falling the meteor completely changes the course of the life of a couple living in nearby plains. This fourth feature film signed by Amat Escalante, wants to be the sequel of his previous film, Heli, rewarded by Best Director price at Cannes Film Festival.

Orizzonti :

  • Dark Night by Tim Sutton  

The latest film by Tim Sutton has almost the same title as the creation of Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight. This similarity isn’t a coincidence because Dark Night recounts a massacre in a cinema multiplex, referring to the shooting that took place a few years ago just before a screening of Nolan film. The plot focuses on the life of six characters, six potential victims.

  • Maudite Poutine by Karl Lemieux (Film Factory Montréal) 

First feature filmmaker Karl Lemieux, Maudite Poutine is about the complex relationship between two brothers, Vincent and Michel. Vincent, a 23 years old young man, renews contact with his brother after being caught by gang members stealing marijuana.

Out Of competition :

  • À Jamais by Benoît Jacquot  

Last creation of French filmmaker At Never tells a love story between a director, played by Mathieu Amalric, and Laura, a young art performer, played by Julia Roy. The couple spins the perfect love in a beach house, until Laura hears strange noises that mark the beginning of disconcerting events.

International Critics' Week

  • Jours de France by Jérôme Reybaud 

Having made the decision to leave everything, a man, travels through France during four days and four nights. His former lover tries to find him on the mobile app Grinder.