San Sebastian Film Festival

The 64th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival takes place from 16 to 24 September 2016. Among the twenty feature films selected in official competition, three films post-produced by Film Factory were selected. Three other of its post-productions are selected in the categories New Directors, Horizontes Latinos and Zabaltegui

  • On the Milky Road by Emir Kusturica (Pearls)

During wartime, a dairy farmer, played by Emir Kusturica himself, braves every day the military front on a donkey to supply goods to soldiers. Carrying out its mission and being loved by a beautiful villager, the dairy is promised to a bright future. That's not counting on the appearance of a mysterious Italian girl that will change completely his life.

  • Neruda by Pablo Larrain (Pearls)

This is a national emblem that the Chilean director decides to pay tribute to : the writer, poet and politician Pablo Neruda. When in 1948 the Cold War spreads in Chile, Neruda violently criticized his government. President Videla Peluchonneau requests his arrest. Follows a real manhunt; The young inspector in charge of his arrest is hoping to build a reputation by capturing the famous fugitive.

  • Sieranevadaby Cristi Puiu (Pearls)

Following the death of his father, Lary, in his forties, spends a Saturday in Bucharest with his family to commemorate the deceased. On the occasion of the reunion, tensions are rekindled, hidden truths burst. This is a human fresco that delivers Cristi Puiu through this family drama.

  • Porto by Gabe Klinger (New Directors)

For his first feature fiction film, Gabe Klinger chose as subject a love story in Porto, the story of a night spent together by a man and a woman, played by Anton Yelchin and Lucie Lucas. The film is a triptych narrated by Chantal Akerman, presenting in three different narrative and visual approaches.

  • La Région Salvaje by Amat Escalante (Horizontes Latinos)

A meteor falls on a mountain in Mexico. By falling the meteor completely changes the course of the life of a couple living in nearby plains. This fourth feature film signed by Amat Escalante, wants to be the sequel of his previous film, Heli, rewarded by Best Director price at Cannes Film Festival.

  • L'Ornithologue by João Pedro Rodrigues (Zabaltegi Tabakalera)

João Pedro Rodrigues delivers us in his latest feature film the journey of an ornithologist in the rivers of northern Portugal. Hoping to spot rare specimens, the young man falls in rapids before being found unconscious by two Chinese pilgrims.