The Collection

Currently in post-production at Film Factory...

The Collection, an eight-part series created by Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty, Lipstick Jungle, Pretty Little Liars). The series is coproduced by France 3, BBC Worldwide et Amazon.

"The Collection is a riveting family saga with a gripping mystery at its heart. Set in Paris just after the Second World War, it tells the story of the birth of an illustrious Paris fashion house, led by two very different brothers. The show exposes the grit behind the glamour and the treachery beneath the trappings of this empire, and all who work there. Can the family business survive the pressure of success? Will bitter internal rivalries, betrayals, hateful bargains under Nazi Occupation, or the twisted secret behind the house’s success, be revealed for all to see?"

Paul Sabine – Richard Coyle (W.E, Prince of Persia)
Claude Sabine – Tom Riley (Kill Your Friends, Da Vinci’s Demons)
Nina – Jenna Thiam (The Returned, Vie Sauvage)
Billy Novak – Max Deacon (Into the Storm, Summer in February)
Helen Sabine – Mamie Gummer (Cake, Side Effects)
Yvette Sabine – Frances de la Tour (Harry Potter, The Book of Eli)